The word "Takumi" means "artisan", "skillful", or "professional" in Japanese. 

Our chef Yukio has 40 years of experience in the art of sushi. At the age of 15, Yukio started his training to become a sushi chef. In the first 3 years of training, he was not permitted to come in contact with any fish. He had to learn how to prepare the sushi rice and prepare small fishes and clams. The word "sushi" means vinegary rice. To properly make the sushi rice, it takes proper training and practice. After 2 years from there, Yukio's mentor allowed him to learn the way to make sushi rolls. Many may believe making a sushi roll is simple, but it actually takes the correct amount of pressure and amount of rice to create a perfect sushi roll. All together, Yukio trained for 7 years to become a professional chef. Along with sushi, Yukio knows the art of all authentic Japanese dishes.

Please Come Enjoy His Japanese Art.

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Takumi Restaurant | Long Island NY