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Our Family 


Our Chef

Our Chef, Yukio, has 40 years of experience in the art of creating sushi and authentic Japanese dishes. Born in Tokyo, Japan, Yukio was raised eating the traditional dishes of Japan. At the age of 15, he started his training in Yokohama, Japan to become a sushi chef. In the first 3 years of training, he was not permitted to come in contact with any fish and had to learn the ways of preparing sushi rice. The word "sushi" means vinegary rice so the training that goes into making the perfect sushi rice takes three years. After the three years, Yukio's mentor finally allowed him to learn the way to make sushi rolls. Many may believe making a sushi roll is simple, but it actually takes the correct amount of pressure and amount of rice to create a perfect sushi roll. All together, Yukio trained for 7 years to become a professional chef. After his 7 years, he continued to work in the many towns of Tokyo, building up his experience in Shinbashi, Akasaka, Ginza, Tora no mon, Marunouchi, and Yushima. He moved to the states in his 30's. Chef Yuki offers a unique style and the authentic taste that is hard to come by in America. For a supurb meal thats essence is built on a rich culture of food, come and enjoy a unique experience at Takumi.


Our Waitress

Waitress, Kiyomi, wishes to make everyone's experience at Takumi to be a wonderful one. Being a family-owned restaurant, she wishes to invite you to a warm, friendly environment. Born and Raised in Tokyo, Japan, Kiyomi also innately knows the taste of Japan and can give you recommendations of her favorite dishes, desserts, and sakes at Takumi. 


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